If you’re a gamer, and especially a PC gamer, you’ve probably played a game dubbed Escape from Tarkov. This is an action RPG FPS called ‘Milsim’ which first came out in the year 2017 and has been growing its popularity throughout the following years. But, since 2021 the game Escape from Tarkov has become a huge hit in terms of players, streaming numbers, and market value. Today, I’m here to provide a brief overview of the rapid growth of Escape from Tarkov and to answer the question of why Escape from Tarkov is so popular?

Although I’m far from the most knowledgeable Tarkov player I’ve found myself dragged head-over-heels onto the platform like thousands of players have been. Since the game’s launch an entire year ago there’s been a mysterious aura around Tarkov. It has been praised as being among the most challenging games to ever appear in the world of gaming. But how much real truth lies in that statement?


First, let’s define exactly how Tarkov will be. There’s a bit of ambiguity around the game, which has left some wondering whether Escape from Tarkov is legit.

EFT is designed and managed by a Russian company known as Battlestate Games. Battlestate Games doesn’t employ any third-party launchers for managing Tarkov rather, opting instead for an exclusive, purpose-built launcher. Additionally, you can only purchase Escape from Tarkov from the Battlestate Games website, and it’s in a “permanent” state of beta, which means that you’re making a pre-order rather than purchasing.

It may sound strange, but it’s totally legal.

What you’re getting is a challenging, intense, and intricate experience that requires reflexes, strategic thinking, and awareness. This is advertised as a survival game that is hardcore that puts players in the roles of militaristic characters and is able to experience a variety of small, sandboxed environments. When they enter the environment, it’s kill-or-be-killed as players have to collect loot in order to earn cash, to fight for survival, and manage their health, energy, and the mechanics of equipment.

This is the most basic explanation of the basics of what Tarkov is – it’s an extensive and vast learning curve to the game that is, in its essence extremely realistic and unforgiving. For instance, you could join a raid with loot and shooting for a half-hour, and then be shot at least once as you try to “extract” the ‘extract’ technique to win in a game. In that moment you’ll lose everything you’ve) brought to the game, and in turn) obtained during the game.

It’s not an easy world that’s out there.


First of all, it’s crucial to point out that there is an element of a gambling component within Escape from Tarkov. There’s no method of knowing what you’ll discover during a raid or what your reward will be or the kind of scenarios you’ll end up in. If a battle scenario could be determined by a single bullet, every scrap of paper becomes a fierce fight to survive. When you crack open a crate or an open box, or you unlock a door you aren’t knowing what’s in it – this can be thrilling.

This aspect is extremely appealing to modern gamers. It’s far from betting on esports but the excitement you feel after completing the most valuable raids is unparalleled. Additionally, the human race is naturally competitive and there’s an enormous PVP aspect in escape from Tarkov. If you are able to win that crucial thrilling fight the rush of adrenaline can be massive. It can feel like you’ve got something to lose, which you have. It’s a feeling that isn’t present in traditional multiplayer shooters.

Then there’s an important fact: Escape from Tarkov is, in essence, a great game. Even four years more, the game’s developers are always releasing new content, updates, and releasing new areas and maps that players can explore. While it’s occasionally rough on the edges, it’s amazing, plays well, and doesn’t seem all like a repetitive game’s model. It also has a large and growing community that is the answer to the question, how is Escape from Tarkov expanding?

As each day passes the game gets more well-known, with top creators of content like DrLupo along with DrDisrespect taking part. In December of 2021, Tarkov reached the number of 476k viewers concurrently on Twitch this was a record that only a handful of games have reached. The game is getting better and more worth the money and is only getting more well-known.

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