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Google Jobs Waterloo is one of the most prosperous cities in Canada located in the province of Ontario. Waterloo is in the southwest of Toronto, Canada, with a distance of over 94 kilometers.  The closest neighbor is the city of Kitchener, therefore the visitors call the place the Kitchener-waterloo or Twin cities. Waterloo is distinguished by the last Neppolen battlefield which proved to be his defeat ground. 

Relationship between Google and Waterloo, Canada:

The latest location of the Google office in Waterloo is 51 Breithaupt Street and this office is actually in collaboration with two more cities. The cities are Toronto, and Montreal thus creating a three-city announcement possible. It is a reality that over 1400 employees work in Google’s office in Kitchener, and as soon as Waterloo construction ends, they would be hiring. 

Why Google? 

This is why we see lots of Google careers in Waterloo and the vicinity. The googles jobs we know, are based on real talent requirements, and what the employees get in return is:

  • Medical insurance
  • Workshops both for physical and mental health
  • Flexible hours of work
  • An attractive salary – nearly $21.54 per hour
  • Free meal delivery in boxes
  • Limited shuttle service and massage room visits 

Above all, Google is an emerging platform; once you get into it you would be getting your career more growing than ever. Plus you could have the chance to meet multi-corporate  IT experts from all the four corners of the world. 

Google Careers in Waterloo, Canada:

So here, we are going to list the ten most reliable career opportunities with a brief description and requirements of each. Let’s get started:

  1. Director, Technical Optical Developer, Augmented Reality

  1. Optical Designer, Augmented Reality:
  • Location: Waterloo, ON, Canada
  • Job status: In-office
  • Experience: 4-5 years of experience in a technical environment
  • Qualifications: Bachelor’s degree in Optical Development, ECD, Physics, a related field, or equivalent experience.
  • Job Description: to work and take part in all the activities to understand, design, and apply the hardware regarding Augmented Reality, plus to search the matching maturity standards to include products every year. 
  • Apply at: 

  1. Ophthalmic Process Development Lead, Augmented Reality
  • Location: Waterloo, ON, Canada
  • Job status: In-office
  • Experience: 4 years of experience or 3 years of experience working in an Electrical technical environment and with an advanced degree respectively. 
  • Qualifications: maximum experience in the field with no particular degree. 
  • Job Description: put your part in the external and internal team to customize the products according to the demand, to support all the optical progression activities in Augmented Reality
  • Apply at:

  1. cloud Business Lead, Product Strategy, and Business Operations
  • Location:  Waterloo, ON, Canada 
  • Job status:  Full time
  • Experience: five years of experience as a manager or consultant in technical environments.
  • Qualifications: Master’s degree in the respective field
  • Job Description: to be a nice addition to Google Cloud Products  (GCP) and lead a number of complicated projects to create new products every day.
  • Apply at: 

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  1. Director, Product Management, Firebase Build and Platform
  • Location: Waterloo, ON, Canada 
  • Job status: in office
  • Experience: 15 years of experience in product management especially with products such as APIs, SaaS platforms
  • Qualifications: 10 to 15 years of experience only
  • Job Description:  work in the company of the world’s top app developers and lead the sensitive projects which act as the building blocks of the cloud.
  • Apply at: 

  1. Software Development Manager, Google Cloud
  • Location: Waterloo, ON, Canada 
  • Job status: Full Time
  • Experience: 3 years of experience in leading and managing people and institutes, a full experience of computer languages
  • Qualifications: bachelor’s degree in IT or computer science, 
  • Job Description: not only to search in the field of software development but also to take hold of all ongoing software development projects and take care of all the workers’ involvement. 
  • Apply at: 

  1.   Staff Software Developer
  • Location: Waterloo, ON, Canada 
  • Job status: Full Time
  • Experience:  8 years of relevant work experience to develop software using languages, JavaScript, C#, Go, Objective-C, and/or Swift, Java, Python)
  • Qualifications: Bachelor’s degree in the field of Information and technology or any other field like computer science, Mphil or Ph.D. are the priorities. 
  • Job Description: assist in the development of next-generation software and apps focusing particularly on the projects that are the need of the hour as a software engineer.
  • Apply at: 

  1. Group Product Manager, Integration Testing Suite, Core Developer
  • Location: Waterloo, ON, Canada 
  • Job status: Full Time
  • Experience: 8 years of experience in technical education and practical, experience to drive elements, launch software, and product estimation
  • Qualifications: Bachelor’s or masters
  • Job Description: act as the group product manager to make sure qualified product development and long-term agreement-based supervision of all projects. 
  • Apply at: 

  1.  Technical Program Manager III, Cloud Programs
  • Location: Waterloo, ON, Canada
  • Job status: In-office
  • Experience:  minimum of five years of experience in software development and management 
  • Qualifications: bachelor’s degree
  • Job Description: participate in producing the best google portfolio, managing the schedules, requirements, and durations for complex projects thus leading them to the end.
  • Apply at: 

  1. Senior Optical Mechanical Developer, Augmented Reality
  • Location: Waterloo, ON, Canada
  • Job status:  In-office
  • Experience: 5 years of experience especially in electronic development
  • Qualifications: bachelor’s in mechanical or electrical engineering
  • Job Description: to take care of the augmented reality devices production by managing costs and optimizing the requirements for the best economical setup, developing good relations with technical fabrication staff and manufacturing department. 
  • Apply at: 

 Final Words:

So this was all about luxurious highly tempting jobs in Waterloo, Canada. Apply if you are eligible enough and have a work permit in case you are a foreigner. Google careers are superb among all international careers. so, don’t miss the chance to accelerate and go apply!

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