Clash of Souls APK | Unlimited Buildings, Troops, and Heroes | Latest Version 2022

Clash of Souls APK is one of the best servers of the Clash of Clans. This amazing server will help you upgrade anything you want; you don’t have to wait for the gems, golds, or elixir to refill.

All these resources in the Clash of Souls APK 2021 are unlimited as if you are out of gold; you don’t have to wait for the miners to extract gold. You will get all these resources as a gift. Additionally, you can upgrade buildings, train your troops, and many more without thinking about the resource limit.

Most of the old players are playing Clash of Clans for the past 6-years but still didn’t reach the town-hall base 13. But it’s not that hard to reach; if you play with the Clash of Clans private server, you can easily reach Soul’s th13.

Overview chart of the Clash of Souls APK:

App name Clash of Souls
Developer Third-party
Genre Strategy
Size 209.9 MB
Latest version 10.322
Mod Gaming
Get it from Google Play
Updated 2 days ago
Publisher PRINCE APK
Download 500,000,000+
Operating system Android

Features of the Clash of Souls APK:

  • Limitless resources:

In the clash world, the most important thing on which every progress depends is resources. Without gems, with can’t build or upgrade buildings. Moreover, resources like elixir, gold, and dark elixir are used in training troops and many more. These all resources are obtained from time to time as you have to wait for the miner to extract gold, collectors, and dark drills for elixirs, or dark elixirs. These resources are obtained from a different base, so it makes us try to collect resources. Still, in the clash of resources latest version, you will get all these things limited, and in case you are out of these resources, the developer will send it as a gift to refill and continue gamming.

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  • Without lagging trusted server:

Clash of the Soul’s private server controlled by a powerful and trusted team contributes to providing smooth gameplay without lagging. Most of the private servers cause lagging issues or show too many ads creating problems for the players. But this server is specially developed to help those players who want their games to move smoothly and didn’t have to worry about ads or lagging.

  • Safe and secure:

As the Clash of Souls’ official website was developed by third-party but, it’s safe for all device users. While playing the game, you don’t have to worry about any fraud or affected servers. This server didn’t delete any of your account data. All of your data will be saved in their own server.

  • Additional customized codes:

The custom codes of this clash of souls will let you customize and change varieties of heroes. Not only this, but you can also upgrade buildings to play and continue the game with fun. The feature list of this server didn’t end up here; it has many more than the other servers.

  • Compatible with every device:

The most important thing about any server is its compatibility. If you don’t have a compatible device, you can’t play clash of souls, it will simply affect the ratings, but if your server is compatible with all the devices, people will love to play. It is one of the rarest codes which can go with all devices as you can play with the android, IOS, or even PC.

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What is new in the clash of souls APK:

The Clash of Souls updates after a fixed time with new and latest features. The new version of your server is obviously better than a clash of Soul’s old version download. You can train your troops, upgrade or build buildings, and many more. Everything you can do on this server is amazing as you can create your own clan and compete with your friends. To enjoy with extraordinary features of Clash of Souls APK download the latest version and to know more, read the features given below:

  • Unlimited gems, gold, elixir, and dark elixir.
  • In this server building, time is about 0 sec which means no time.
  • In the Clash of Souls APK download 2021, you will get a lot of modification options.
  • There isn’t any limit to creating troops, which means you can create them independently.
  • You can reach town hall 13 very quickly.
  • You will get four different servers with various features, so you choose one of them according to your need.
  • This private server of the Clash of Clans updates every week so you can get different features every week.
  • With all your troops, you can reach builder hall 9.

Private servers of the clash of Soul APK:

For all the lovers of the Clash of Clans, the private server is a blessing. There are a lot of benefits of playing Clash of Clans with private servers. These all servers can also get from searching the Clash of Clans dark Soul free download, and you will get the option of four different servers. To make it easy for you to choose, we have listed all these servers below with features.

Clash of Soul’s server 1:

This server will let you customize buildings, troops, and heroes. This server’s specialty is customized characters, including the Clash of Souls Goku APK download, which will let you play with fun. There isn’t any limit to buying something; you can get anything you want. So play with the Clash of the Soul’s s1 for unlimited fun.

Clash of Soul’s server 2:

This server will also let you build and customize buildings, troops, and heroes. But all the building, troops, and heroes customization are under a specific limit. This means if your limit is done, you can’t update or customize anything further.

Clash of Soul’s server 3:

This server of the Soul’s clash is not modified, which means you can’t customize buildings, troops, or heroes and not even upgrade them. You will be having an exact number of buildings, troops, and heroes as you have in the supercells server.

Clash of Soul’s server 4:

The 4th server of the Clash of Souls has all the same features as server 1. That means you can customize and upgrade buildings, troops, and heroes. All these things didn’t have any limitations, so you can have them as you want.

The gameplay of the clash of Souls APK:

The actual gameplay of the Clash of Souls is the same as the Clash of Clans because it is the Clash of Clans’ private server. In the Clash of Clans, you will be the chief of a village where you have to build your own village using different resources. But the private server of the Clash of Clans will let you build and upgrade unlimited buildings, troops, and heroes. There are a total of 4 private servers of the Clash of Souls; you can download the one that goes smoothly with you. Each server has its features. So get Clash of Souls commands and enjoy.

Clash of Souls APK download latest version:

Clash of Souls is compatible with any device, so you can download the private server of Clans’ clash on android, IOS, and even on PC. Downloading steps for all these three devices are approximately the same as for all these will need anyone server before downloading the actual game. To know more, read the download guide given below:

Download for android

If you want to know how you can download the Clash of Souls on your android device, follow the steps given below:

  • Unlock your android phone and open settings.
  • Go to the settings and check the option allowing the unknown sources.
  • Now get Clash of Souls s1 APK download.
  • Install this server and allow it if it asks for any permission.
  • After the installation is completed, open the server and download the Clash of Souls APK
  • After some moments, it will be downloaded.

Download for IOS

Downloading the Clash of Souls on an IOS device is also easy; there are a few steps to teach you how to do it.

  • Unlock your iPhone and go to the Apple store.
  • Please search for the Clash of Souls APK file and download it.
  • Now allow the file if it asks for any permission.
  • After a few moments, your file will be successfully downloaded.
  • Install it and then tap to launch it.

Download for PC

Want to enjoy playing Clash of Souls on the big screen? No need to worry. It is as simple as downloading it on an android or IOS device.

  • Download BlueStacks on your PC.
  • Now download any one server that is perfect for your needs.
  • After downloading, could you open it and get your Clash of Souls APK?
  • Tap to download it on your PC.
  • That’s it; your game will be downloaded after a few moments.




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