Clash of Kings APK | Territory Attack, Build an Army | Latest Version 2022

The most popular  Clash of Kings is a massively multiplayer online game. This game was developed and published by the same person named Elex Wireless in 2014. In-play store or apple store Clash of King’s game is one of the most fetching games.

Moreover, this game is also supported by celebrities having high profiles. In the first year of release of the game clash of kings APK, it was recorded by more than 65 million downloads. You can play Clash of Kings anywhere but except in India as it is banned in India. On 28 June 2020, India restricted the Clash of Kings and Clash Royale.

Moreover, this game is also supported by celebrities having high profiles. In the first year of the release of the game Clash of Kings APK, it was recorded by more than 65 million downloads. You can play Clash of Kings anywhere but except in India as it is banned in India. On 28 June 2020, India restricted the Clash of Kings.

Overview chart of the Clash of Kings APK:

App name Clash of Kings APK
Developer Alex Wireless
Genre Strategy
Size 142.17 MB
Latest version 6.23.1
Mod Multiplayer
Get it from Google play store
Updated 2 days ago,
Publisher PRINCE APK
Downloads 50,000,000+
Operating system Android, IOS

Features of the clash of kings APK free download:

  • Brand new map:

This map will guide you where to go as in many games it’s hard to find the right way. Or you get confused while playing, so this map will cover all the Westeros.

  • 21 unique factions:

In this game, you will get more than 300 new characters, customized according to you.

  • Uncountable items:

There are more than 1000 items that can be used for different purposes, including updating and fighting.

  • Latest mercenaries:

The new and latest mercenaries will include sellsword, pikemen, dornish skirmisher, and iron bond sellsword.

  • Creating an army:

Creating your own army will let you build troops and then train them to save your castles. Not only this, but these troops will also fight with the opposite players to earn prices.

  • Gather resources:

This game will let you fight with the opposite player, and after winning, loot their resources to use them as you need.

  • Fight against kingdom:

You can survey one of the expensive worlds and fight against the other kingdom and get their resources to use them.

  • Increases your power:

Increasing your power is very necessary, and the only thing that can increase your power is making forge Alliances with opposite players.

  • Defense your kingdom:

You can save your kingdom from the other kings who want to rule on your kingdom by making a strong troop team.

Clash of king’s online version history:

The Clash of Kings constantly updates, and with every new update, the latest features are added, making it more amazing. Some of its latest versions with features are given below:

Clash of Kings 6.23.1 APK:

  • It is the most recent and latest version of the Clash of Kings.
  • In this version, the player gets the chance to attend an event and get the items present there. If you succeed in collecting a specific amount of event items, you will win the reward. You can also trade these event items.
  • You will get two dragon campaigns to begin the official tournament.
  • You will be given 1 point on killing 100 000 enemies.

Clash of Kings 6.22 APK:

  • In the auction center, you will get a mall deletion function.
  • You can do different types of functional adjustments.
  • You can expand the time of equipment filtering.

Clash of Kings 6.20 APK:

  • Christmas event in which you get a chance to add different friends.
  • Participate in active events to get keys and unlock the winter treasure.
  • Re-appearance of heroes.
  • Boost events.

Clash of Kings 6.13 APK:

  • Pumpkin battle.
  • You will get a unit restraint map.
  • Star ranks appear on the dragon skills.

Clash of Kings 6.21 APK:

  • Balloon blast because it is the event period.
  • Shinny Christmas tree.
  • You can count the dragon glass master purification.

Clash of Kings 6.18 APK:

  • Dawn battles.
  • Arriving of heroes.
  • Updated carpool


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The gameplay of the Clash of Kings APK:

The developer of the Clash of King’s website has made a wonderful, massively multiplayer online strategy game. You should have a strong strategic defense system to play this game as winning the task is surely a challenging territory attack. As you will start the game, first of all, you have to build an army. That army will work for you and your kingdom’s safety. You can customize the characters according to you. Your army should be strong as they will help you fight with the opposite kingdom and earn resources. In the game Clash of Kings, you can build alliances as more as you have; you can become the king of kings and more powerful.

Clash of Kings APK download on your favorite device:

Clash of Kings is compatible with any device, so you can easily download it on android, IOS, or pc. The only thing you have to do is follow the simple steps:

Download clash of kings on android

  • Unlock your phone and open the google play store.
  • Type Clash of Kings in the search bar and enter to search.
  • Tap on the first result and click to download.
  • After downloading, click on it and grant permission to install.
  • After installing, you will get the icon of Clash of Kings on your home screen.
  • Tap on it to launch and do Clash of King’s log-in. Now enjoy playing.

Download clash of kings in IOS

  • Unlock your iPhone and open the Apple store.
  • Search for the game by typing Clash of Kings in the search bar.
  • After searching, click on the first result and tap on the download button.
  • When the game is downloaded, install it on your iPhone.
  • Enjoy playing Clash of Kings.

Download Clash of Kings on PC

  • To download Clash of Kings on your PC, you should have BlueStacks downloaded.
  • Open the BlueStacks and search for a Clash of Kings.
  • Please tap on the download button, and that’s it.
  • After a few moments, you can enjoy the Clash of Kings PC gaming.


Clash of Kings is one of the best Chinese games, famous and loved because of its amazing features. Because of this game’s popularity, there is also a clash of king’s movies, which tells the complete story of the game. The whole movie is about kingdoms and 5 kings fighting to rule on each other. This game gets updated from time to time with new features. These all features are enough to increase the love of the players towards this game.


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