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[Top 5] CapCut Viral Trending Templates on TikTok 2022

On TikTok there are several CapCut templates that are trending on TikTok now a days. The top best 5 CapCut templates that are attractive and awesome and also very easy to use. People on TikTok, follows the trend because TikTok always promotes the trendy videos on their platform that’s why these templates are gone viral globally. All over the world, these templates are trendy.

[Top 5] CapCut Viral Trending Templates on TikTok 2022

You guys will find out the top 5 best and trending CapCut templates here. All the links are given below in this article. The trending CapCut Template names are given below:

  1. Twerk It Like Miley CapCut Template
  2. Habibi CapCut Template
  3. Shaka Boom CapCut Template: SE ACABO CapCut Template
  4. I’m Baggin CapCut Template
  5. My Baby My Valentine CapCut Template

These are the template names that are gone viral on TikTok as these are famous and trendy CapCut templates that can be used and create the videos by selecting your photos and video will be created.

How To Use CapCut Template:

To use the template all you have to is to click the link that are provided below in this article and after that you will be redirected to that link.You will find there a button USE TEMPLATE then you will be redirected to CapCut App and then you can select the photos and good to go.

  • Click the link given below
  • Use Template: Your CapCut app will be opened
  • Select Your Photos
  • Your video will be ready!

CapCut Best Editing App for TikTok: Best Editing app for TikTok Videos

CapCut Best Editing App for TikTok: Best Editing app for TikTok Videos

Video editing in mobile phones is now very common these days as everyone has a smartphone in their hands and they want to create their videos on their devices that are very cheaper than laptops and computers. For more information you can also check this Link:

Best video editing App for TikTok | Download CapCut Apk

CapCut App Downloading Link

You can download the best video editing app for free as it is available on Appstore and Playstore for iPhone devices as well as android phones. the downloading buttons are given below by clicking you can download it officially from Playstore and Appstore:

CapCut for Android Download
CapCut for iPhone Download

Trending CapCut Templates Links:

1- Twerk It Like Miley Link

Twerk it like miley is now very trending template on TikTok which is very attractive and awesome template. You can use this template by click the link below. It is very easy to create the video click the link and select several photos of you and your video will be ready.

Twerk It Like Miley Template Link

2- Habibi CapCut Template Link

Habibi CapCut template is also very trendy these days and very asy to use this template and creator your own video. As in these templates you guys can add your photos and videos also. So, you don’t need have to be worry about shooting and all that just select your photos or videos and go to go.

Habibi CapCut Template Link

3- Shaka Boom: SE ACABO CapCut Template

Shaka Boom is another CapCut viral template which was egone viral in hours more than 100K videos were made on this sound and template so you guys can also use this template to create your video which is by clicking the link below:

Shaka Boom: SE ACABO CapCut Template Link

4- I’m Baggin CapCut Template: TikTok New Viral Trend

I’m Baggin is another CapCut template which is now going viral and you guys can use this template by clicking the link below:

I’m Baggin CapCut Template Link

5- My Baby My Valentine CapCut Template

My Baby My Valentine CapCut Template is also the great, awesome and fast photo transition template which can be accessible by the link which is also given below:

My Baby My Valentine CapCut Template Link


In this article you will find the best and most viral templates of CapCut which can be accessible by the links that are provided in this article. This templates are very viral on social media platforms like TikTok where people are following this trend but most of the people also wants to create the videos like that. But they didn’t find the CapCut template link therefore In this article all of the links are provided here.

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