Android 11: All You Need To Know About Upcoming New Android Software

An increasing number of smartphones update to android 11 every month. Users will keep on using android 11 unless android 12 does not arrive. Not everyone is lucky enough to have android 11 on their smartphones. Some people are still waiting for the updates. If you have an older version phone, you will have to wait for a while to update your smartphone on android 11. Meanwhile, those who have the latest models of smartphones can easily get one. The reason for not having compatibility with android 11 may also be because your country or region won’t allow you to do so.


Features of  New Upcoming Android 11:

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Google has confirmed some of the features of Android 11 which are as follows:

  • Built-in screen recording

This is the first and most crucial feature of android 11. Android 11 has a built-in screen recording option that lets you record the screen of your smartphone. If there is any issue, you can share the video with a tech worm person and you can easily get the solution. Moreover, you can also make small tutorials for people who have less idea about technology.

  • Notification

Usually in android 10, when the notification bar is dropped down, a normal notification bar appears. However, in android 11, it is not the case as the notification bar is split into two sections. One section is based on the general notifications while another section consists of notifications from social media apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, etc. This way, people can focus on this section as they can instantly reply to a particular message on the spot that will also save their time.

  • Smart controls over media and home

There are a lot of things in android 11. Now the users can enable bedtime mode when they want to sleep. This turns on the “do not disturb” mode options and the phone screen goes from a colored one to black and white which saves your vision.

  • Increased accessibility

There is much improvement in this updated version. The most interesting thing about this version is the braille keyboard which you can easily get without buying a separate software. Related to it, users can also scan the documents now and label their food to let others know what’s in their food. Isn’t it interesting?

  • Other features

There are some other features as well such as android 11 can easily detect if you are using a 5g phone. Moreover, there is a “nearby share” option available which helps you share several things to the nearly placed devices.


Review about Android 11

People are quite happy with the android 11 update. Many new things have surprisingly pleased the users. People are happy with the security it provides to its users. Moreover, the improvements done in the messaging portion are exceptionally liked by people.


Android 10 V/S Android 11

Few people also assume that the changes made in android 11 are very light and not that noticeable. People think that relearning is quite difficult and time-consuming but in this case, they didn’t have to learn something different and unique.

  • Screen recorder

People consider that the only two features that are different are screen recording and automatic dark mode. Moreover, android 11 gives more power over authorizing permission, meaning safety is assured.

  • Unavailability of some features

Apart from that, some features aren’t available on several smartphones. These features are conversations and a power button menu.

  • New music player

The new music player is quite annoying for many users as it malfunctions at times. Besides that, there is a reduction in tiles count in the quick settings.

  • Changes made in the notification bar

Previously, android 10 portrayed all the notifications in two sections named alerting and silent, but android 11 has something more interesting as alerting is still there as notifications but along with that there is a separate conversations category that displays important notifications from social media apps.

  • Bubbled conversations

In android 11, conversations can be bubbles as per the desire of the user. This feature was supposed to be part of android 10 but somehow it was delayed and is now made part of android 11.

  • New emoji’s

There are 117 new emojis that are added in android 11. The introduction of genre-specific emoji’s started from android 10 and the trend is still going on.



Android 11 has proven to be the best android version up till now. Many people have still been deprived of this amazing version as some of the phones are still not compatible with android 11. Furthermore, the noticeable change in android 11 is the notification tray that drops down with split notifications sections. Related to it, there are several reviews regarding android 11 and also its comparison with android 10. Besides that android 11 has turned out to be the most loved version of many people.


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